“We employed Hannah in a demanding role as a community choir leader for an all age group. I never had a moment’s doubt that the project would flourish under her leadership. Hannah’s warmth, dedication, and professional skill brought out the best in everyone involved. She inspired the singers with her great voice and genuine interest in their well-being and development. “

Suzanne Butler – Event team leader, fischy music

“Hannah’s skill, passion for singing, and her own beautiful spirit shine through her, making her an inspiring teacher for anyone of any age.”

Jane MacLaren

“Hannah has years of experience in teaching musical theatre and it shows. Not only had my singing improved with her help, but the lessons are also just a joy. She has a lovely breezy and personable attitude that put me at ease immediately.”

Emilie Robson – Student

“My 5 year old daughter has been taking weekly singing lessons with Hannah and honestly, it’s been the best thing ever! My daughter absolutely adores Hannah and looks forward to her lessons every week. She’s learned a whole song in such a short space of time as Hannah has been so great at understanding her voice and what sort of music my daughter would enjoy. I particularly love how the vocal exercises are tailored to children and there are even fun songs we can sing every day at home to exercise voice and facial muscles. Highly recommend Hannah! “

Kay Sharma – Parent of student

“I started lessons with Hannah during the lockdown. I’ve had quite a lot of singing teachers over the years and despite being taught remotely, Hannah is brilliant. She has a fantastic ear and is able to pick up on things I wouldn’t have expected her to be able to do in a virtual environment. The lessons are fun and relaxed, and one of the highlights of my week.

Highly recommend”

Sibby Arkell-glover – student